Step-By-Step Guide

  • Understanding Your Machine

    1. Agilely Tens Has 2 Channels (A and B) for independent treatments.

    2. Each Channel's leads connect to 2 gel pads.

    3. Choose from 6 treatment modes, each with 4 pules treatment variations.

    4. Adjust intensity (1 to 10 bars) for channels A and B independently (+ or - toggle)

    5. Set treatment time (10-60) minutes with the "T" toggle switch.

  • Gel Pad Placement

    1. Ensure clean, dry skin; shave hair for a better pad adhesion.

    2. Apply gel pads on both side of the pain point.

    3. See FAQ for gel pad care.

    4. See pictures below as examples only.

  • Starting Your Treatment

    1. Attach gel pads to leads for Channel A and/ or B.

    2. Clean the treatment area.

    3. Peel off the gel pad protective reusable plastic and apply.

    4. Power on the unit.

    5. Select mode using the toggle switch "M".

    6. Confirm mode selection with center button.

    7. Select mode variation (1 to 4) using center button.

    8. Adjust intensity with + and - buttons.

    9. Toggle between channels A and B using ">" and "<".

    10. Set treatment time with the "T" toggle switch.

    11. The unit auto-shuts off.