Discover the Story Behind Agilely

Our Journey to Pain-Free Living

Agilely was born out of a simple yet powerful vision: to make effective, drug-free pain relief accessible to all.

Our founder, Brian, experienced firsthand the limitations of traditional pain relief methods and knew there had to be a better way. After extensive research and collaboration with medical experts, the Agilely TENS Therapy Unit was created.

Designed with care and precision, our product embodies the hope and commitment we have towards improving the quality of life for individuals struggling with chronic and acute pain.

Our Mission

At Agilely, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to lead pain-free, active lives.
Our mission is threefold:

• Innovation: Continuously improve and innovate to offer cutting-edge pain relief solutions.

• Education: Provide valuable insights and information to help our community understand and manage pain effectively.

• Support: Offer unwavering support to our customers, standing by them at every step of their pain relief journey. We believe in fostering a community where support, knowledge, and healing converge to create a space of hope and empowerment.

Meet the Team Behind Agilely

Founder & CEO


Brian’s motivation to establish Agilely was born out of his personal challenges and frustration with his own pain and the limitations it was putting on his active lifestyle. As the founder and CEO, he has gathered together a formidable team to work with him on sharing with others about how the Agilely TENS unit can change their life, as it has for his. He founded Agilely with the vision of creating a world where pain doesn’t limit potential.

Customer Experience Lead


Sue is Brian’s life partner, having known each other for over 45 years. She has been instrumental in working with the Agilely team to help create relevant content that is relatable to all age groups. She discovered early on in the testing that the Agilely received a solid “10” with Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials.

Operations Manager


Keilan serves as the Operations Manager at Agilely, overseeing daily business operations, customer interactions, and product development initiatives. Outside of his work life, he leads a health-centric lifestyle, often found exploring mountains trails and playing pickleball tournaments across British Columbia.

Brand & Community Manager


Imali has personal experience with the world of chronic pain, having juggled multiple chronic illnesses since a young age. She brings a modern, inclusive approach to the Agilely brand and aims to be an ally for the pain community.

In her day to day work with Agilely, she helps us to nurture relationships with our community, build the voice of the brand and support us with all things digital.